To date the organic movement has succeeded in producing crops without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.   Our vision is to take this a step further to develop and market natural plant growing supplements, and media, that demonstrate and sustain higher nutritional and improved environmental benefits via the addition of naturally occurring MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS.


We are the exclusive primary distributor of SEER® Rockdust®.   This finely ground and freshly crushed volcanic rock is 420 million year old.   Analysis shows that it contains over two thirds of all of the elements in the period table – although not, of course, in elementary form!

All over the world volcanic soils are recognised as being exceptionally fertile and productive.   This is due to their richness of minerals and trace elements.    It’s been 10,000 years since the last ice age when glaciers crushed and spread mineral rich volcanic rocks to create deep fertile soils.   A tiny, but critical percentage of the dry weight of all plant material that we take as crops is made up of minerals.  Most modern fertilisers however replace only the basic NPK ie Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium and very little more.   This, and the leaching of minerals caused by precipitation over time, explains why most of our soils are now mineral-deficient.


By adding SEER Rockdust you are mimicking the action of glaciers, or as John Muir calls them “God’s Glacial Mills”.   Yes, just like the glaciers did tens of thousands of years ago, by adding SEER Rockdust you are putting most of the recognised “Macro-nutrients” and “Micro-nutrients” back into the soil and compost.  Read More.   The goodness that has been locked up in these rocks for over 420 million years is available in the SEER Rockdust to improve the soil, the crops, the food chain, our own and our livestock’s diets.


When you improve soil health, you increase the carbon it can hold – this is called Carbon Sequestration.


We welcome you to explore our website and learn more about SEER Rockdust and where to get it.   Watch out for new products as we add them!

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