Meet Us

Allan MacGregor, Director

With a background in farming I know we have to look after our soil. As a company we have progressed into waste management where I believe we have to look at waste as a resource. No one needs to be a genius to realise we cannot go on using the earth’s resources as we are. I am therefore very pleased to set up Binn Soil Nutrients Ltd as I do think we have something to contribute. I hope, starting with SEER Rockdust, and our PAS 100 accredited compost, we can all start benefiting from these and more products as we introduce them to the market.

Allan MacGregor

John Ferguson, Director

As an applied environmentalist I hold a firm belief that we need to rethink our interaction with our natural environment. Soils are a fundamental global resource and SEER Rockdust is one of the many ways we can improve our management of soils with potentially significant benefits to soil fertility and crop yield. When we consider the global challenges we face in ensuring the security of our food supply and the ever increasing need to focus on the nutritional benefits of our foods, managing the mineral status of soils becomes an increasingly important aspect of good soils management.

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John Ferguson

Jennifer A Brodie, Director

When I first visited Moira and Cameron Thomson in 2005 I knew I had found something important. . My first job was to organise “The Secrets of Rockdust Conference” and during the next five years, whilst getting SEER Rockdust established in the UK and latterly the Swedish markets, my conviction has gone from strength to strength. At its most basic, this mineral rich dust is natural, we have got it organically approved – and it works! My degree is in Zoology but, to “scientifically” prove the benefits that SEER Rockdust brings to the soil, I would need many more degrees and a few lifetimes of research. So my job is to get this product out there so that we can all benefit – and go on learning!

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Jennifer A Cook