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For supply of SEER Rockdust on Pallets as follows:

50 x 20kg bags
0.5 tonne bags
1 tonne bags

Please contact jennifer@reminscotland.com
Tel: 01330 820914  Mob: 07715 707009


For individual 450g cartons, 10kg and 20kg bags we are pleased to present our stockists throughout the UK. Please use facility below to find your nearest supplier. If our suppliers are out of stock, please advise jennifer@reminscotland.com

Find our non-UK stockists on our INTERNATIONAL page.

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3. B&Q 10kg verve volcanic rock dust

It is one of UK’s best kept secrets… most B&Q stores now stock SEER Rockdust. It is provided in 10kg bags in the verve range. If you find the telltale SEER logo on the back of the bag, then you can be sure it is the right material! You will find your local B&Q stockist from our map. SEER Rockdust in B & Q stores in Verve bags is shown here. Yes, photograph on front is of the healthy vegetables, grown with SEER Rockdust, at the SEER Centre, 1,000 feet above sea level! See B&Q reviews

4. We are looking for more Stockists!:

If you would like to become a SEER Rockdust stockist, and/or would like to purchase a pallet for your Allotment Society, please contact jennifer@reminscotland.com. Flyers etc will be supplied and we will be pleased to include you on our website!

5. Buy Direct

29 TONNE BULK LOADS Remin (Scotland) Ltd also supplies SEER Rockdust in 29 tonne bulk loads.

Purchase a 29 tonne bulk load of SEER Rockdust and we will post you a complimentary copy of “We Want Real Food” by Graham Harvey!

Please contact Jennifer, Managing Director, M: 07715 707009